Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Contact Number, Mailing Address, and Email Address

Jackie Chan Contact Number, Mailing Address, and Email Address are given here in this article. Chan Kong-sang is an Actor, producer, film director, screenwriter, stuntman, martial artist, action choreographer and singer. He is professionally known as Jackie Chan. He has been appeared in the several films, television films, documentaries and so on.

He has been honored with the awards like Academy Awards, American Choreography Awards, Britannia Awards and so on. He has been considered as the World’s second-highest paid actor. In order to buy the footwear like Jackie Chan in the United States, then they are available at reasonable amount at e-commerce website.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Fan Mail Address 

If you are seeking for the fan mail address of Jackie Chan for sending him a letter, the you are at the right place. We are representing it here for you. The address is Jackie Chan, Jackie & Willie Productions Ltd., 70 Pak To Avenue, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

Office Address and Contact Info of Jackie Chan

This section will provide you the office address of Jackie Chan. If you find the office address of Jacie Chan quite easy to contact him, then you can use it. The address is Jackie & Willie Productions Ltd., (Production Company), 70 Pak To Avenue, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

Contact Numbers of Jackie Chan

We all are wishing to have a direct talk with the Jackie Chan. To fulfill this wish, here we have found out the contact number of Jackie Chan. You can ring up at the given number. The  office contact number is + 852 2794 0388. The office fax number is + 852 2794 4274.

Further details are available at this website http://jackiechan.com/.

Quick Facts

  • Spouse: Joan Lin (m. 1982)
  • Born: 7 April 1954
  • Net Worth: US$400 Million
  • Birth Place: Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong

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Social Media Platforms

Lets have a look at the social media platforms of Jackie Chan. He is active on some of the social media platforms. He used to post on the social media platforms for his fans. The social media platforms are Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Article first published on September 17, 2020.

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3 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Contact Number, Mailing Address, and Email Address

  1. Alex L Pautu

    I dont know whether this will reach directly to my forever superstar Sir Jackie Chan. Anyway just wanted to say hi for the first time. I have been watching acting like him since childhood. Then started practising and somehow even become a promising fighter knocking out all my seven opponent in a state open championship. I admire you sir i studied your style and put all my efforts on my practise. But now i am a father of 6 girls with a spinal problem. I own an old small car and a small very small stationery shop to which i look after my family.
    Sir what i am trying to say is that i just wanted to live a healthy life and a normal life to look after my wife and children but i cannot due to the massive exercise i have taken causing me a nerve and spinal problem. I humbly asked your help to make me one more chance in life to be a normal man who can look after his family without much trouble. Thats all Sir. Thank you so much

  2. Khizar

    Jackichan plz sir atleast reply me
    We are two brother and sisters
    Me is khizar and my sister is eshaal and both of us are your fan she is 4 years old
    Jackie chan sir u r the best fight best foot fighting best ever plz plz plz sir
    This is a humble request if any of your manager os watching aur reading my msgs kindly need to talk to jackie sir plz

  3. Mary Jo Lanzer

    Mr. Chan, are you kidding? Leave America. Get the hell out traitor. Want to be a member of the Communist community? Go live there. You made your wealth in the USA. you hypocrite. Go to hell, which is China. You are part of the crumbling of law and order. Criminals are allowed to STEAL everything anywhere. Really? Defund the police? Get out. You don’t believe in the constitution. That breaking laws is restitution. What the hell. Crime is crime. Babies being shot. Stores been luted and owners been stolen from. Thou shalth not steal. So go live in China. Get the hell out.


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