Jay Leno

Jay Leno Contact Number, Mailing Address, and Email Address

Jay Leno Contact Number, Mailing Address, and Email Address are provided here. An American Comedian James Douglas Muir Leno is also an actor, producer, writer and a late-night television host. He has served as a host at several shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Jay Leno Show and so on.

There are some comedians who are influenced by Jay Leno and they are Jerry Seinfeld, Dennis Miller and so on.
He has been honored with Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, Hasty Pudding Man of the Year and many more. In order to buy the shirts like Jay Leno, then they are available at best deals.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno

Jay Leno Fan Mail Address and Phone Number

Lets have a look at the Fan Mail address of Jay Leno. The address is Jay Leno, Leno’s Garage, P.O. Box 7458, Burbank, CA 91510, USA.

Office Address and Contact Info of Jay Leno

If you are seeking for the address to send letter to Jay Leno, then here we have the same. Here we have the office address of Jay Leno. The address is Leno’s Garage (Post Office Box), P.O. Box 7458, Burbank, CA 91510, USA.

Contact Number of Jay Leno

The direct contact is the best way to do the conversation with your favorite celebrity. Here, we have the contact number of Jay Leno which you can use for the direct contact. The number is (888) 930-8743.

Agent Office Address and Phone Number of Jay Leno

The another way to contact Jay Leno is through his agent. Please, note down the agent office address. The address is Jay Leno, Big Dog Productions, Inc., P.O. Box 7885, Burbank, CA 91510, USA.

Production Company Office Address and Contact Details

The Production Company Office Address is given here. The address is Big Dog Productions, Inc. (Production Company), P.O. Box 7885, Burbank, CA 91510, USA.

Production Company Contact Number

Here, we also have the Production Company Contact Number. You can also use this number for the direct contact. The number is (818) 840-2299.

Quick Details

  • Net Worth: US$350 Million
  • Born: April 28, 1950
  • Occupation: Observational comedy, black comedy, surreal humor, sketch comedy, insult comedy, satire
  • Birth Place: New Rochelle, New York, U.S.
  • Wife: Mavis Nicholson

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Social Media Platforms

Lets have a look at the social media platforms of Jay Leno. He is active on Facebook, Twitter. This all social media platforms are verified with blue ticks.

Article first published on August 03, 2020.

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14 thoughts on “Jay Leno Contact Number, Mailing Address, and Email Address

  1. Charles Robbins

    Hello Mr. Leno,

    I was wondering if you might be able to help a Disabled US Army Veteran out some how. MY situation is that I am and my Wife are in tight monies, only 100 hundred for the rest of the month of Sept. I am asking for some help, We have lost alot of person items through a bankrupt. I have asked alot of companies for help, and those folks just pass the buck to someone else and I get the same answer or passing the buck again, I’ve tried other icon’s to no help.

    So Sir, I am asking for your help, I have saved many lives while in the military as a MEDVAC Pilot, air recuse and found alot of lost people. Took alot of folks to the hospital’s. I also flew in the Grand Canyon for tours and because I told the truth about a helicopter crash (took the life and four folks) my personal friend. I would not lie in court of law for the company, They fired me. Made up alot of lies. I was with that company for over 10 years, took my $100,000.00 dollar job away from me with the pen to paper. My wife was sick for over 3 months and they could care anything about her health which today is very bad. They the comapny thought it was funny right before my birthday to fire me. Now in debt.

    If your able in anyway to help us out, I would be greatly in debt to you Sir,

    Again thank you for your time Mr. Leno



  2. Peter Iascone


    I have a nice car storage /office space in Newport, RI abuts Tennis Hall of Fame.

    If you plan to bring some of your cars here this is a great space for it !!

  3. Jean carr

    Hi jay always been a big fan of you.i come from greenock scotland the same town as your mum
    I knew a few ppl with the name Muir. Would love to have a personal contact with you if possible.

  4. Bill Reeder


    On the recent Jeffery Toobin situation and Zoom… do you think the following excerpt took place? “Hey Jeff you know you’re on camera right…get a grip man and get ahold of yourself”!

    Just wondering!

  5. Michael Smith

    Good Afternoon, Jay:
    [Re; Old car auction alert*]
    Although not a regular viewer, I was impressed with your explanation about your Citroen DS sedan on You Tube since I once saw a two door version with a 6 cylinder engine at a car meet.

    If you or staff happen to see this note within the next ten days, the
    * Winer family here in Florida is selling by auction, some old cars, all garaged.

    Among them:
    # 1940 Cadillac Fleetwood sedan, V8, VIN 6323716; green with grey fenders.
    # 1933 Packard Super 8, light green

    As a courtesy (I have no business interest with them) here is a contact

    Best regards


    Bonjour Jay

    I am big Fan of old car, I have small car collection. I live in France, I would like say thank you for “Tv” show Jay’s garage. You have great knowledge I hope this finds you very well. I watch every day your Jay Leno’s garage. On my side I drive my collect car like a normal I across Paris to bring my kids in the school…
    I don’t know if you have ever done show on Facel Véga, Alpine (Renault 8 gordini), Alpine 1600 S. I don’t know if is it possible to export you show in France or in Italy ?

    One day I would like to meet you in your Garage, because I’m going often in US (my kids are french and american).



  7. Peter Factor

    I looked at your car collection and my favorite is the “55 M-B SL Gullwing Couple. There are many more exotic and more expensive cars, but for my taste and budge, that is the car.

  8. Candida Lewis

    Hello Jay Leno:
    It has taken tremendous courage for me to ask for you for help in restoring my 450 SEL four door Mercedes Benz, that has been customized to look like a Rolls Royce. The outside of the car is in great condition except for the back window which was bullet proof, has a crack in the corner. Everything up under the hood needs to be replaced and under the car, a total do over. It has sat for many years and it is a 1980 with the big beautiful Rolls Royce Grill on the front of my car. Will
    sell but would really like to keep it. I had wanted to contact you way before now
    just afraid of contacting a celebrity. Thank you for reading my concerns. Please help.

  9. Glen Lee

    Hey Mr. Leno,
    I have a friend that is thinking about letting his collection of license plates go and I thought this might be something you would be interested in.
    He has every plate issued from every state including Hawaii and Alaska, and also, all of the providences of Canada up to 2000.
    There are less than five people in the world that can say that because there are less than 5 of certain plates in existence. Also, the quality of all the plates are as good as they come; many of these were purchased from the collection used to publish the License Plate Catalog and due to the fact that he’s been upgrading on ebay for the last 20 years.
    Email me if there are any questions or concerns you have.

  10. Bob May

    Jay. I was wondering what you thought about having a TV show about the average American guy or girl who built or is building up an old car or two. Maybe call it ” Leno’s Average Joe Garage” where you go around seeking the average American Joe car buff instead of ones who have a garage full of them. Just a thought as I am the average old Joe(72) who used to mess with cars in my youth but now just a mini van man and old truck guy. By the way I see your birthday is April 28th. That was my Mom’s, my daughter’s, and my two niece’s birthday’s also! Make it a GREAT day. Bob. P.S. Enjoy watching your garage show and love “Last Man Standing”. Hate to see them go.

  11. Andy Trux

    Just watched your YouTube drive of the 25th anniversary Porsche Boxster, You indicated that this is the first time you’ve driven a Boxster. We attended your show many years ago when you had Antonio Banderas as your guest. When we were heading back to our car, we saw you pulling out of your parking lot and you were driving a Boxster. I was a Boxster owner, so very aware that you were also driving a Boxster.

  12. H. s.

    Hey Jay Leno,
    How many recipes for dog meat do you have, you racist goombah? Do you have a recipe for spaghetti and Italian dog meatballs? And why do you collect junk vehicles? Why don’t you have any vintage Korean vehicles in your “collection”? Because you’re a goddamn racist, that’s why! I guess that big ugly chin of yours is making you lots of bank.

  13. John M Elko

    Hello Jay. People ask me how many motor bikes or cars are in my modest collection. I say I dont know. I tell them Jay Leno has a huge collection of vehicles, but I bet he does not know how many. His accountants know, they must keep up insurance and registration. Its the quality of the collection that counts, not the number of items. Am I correct in this assumption about you?

  14. Ed Storer


    I’m a big fan of your Your uTube series of jay Leno’s Garage.

    Tonight I was watching you with a Plymouth Superbird. I don’t think you ever broke the speed limits and I don’t blame you. You were running on Goodyear Polyglas tires and drum brakes. SCARY!

    My folks had a 1968 Chrysler Newport. It was supposed to haul me, Dad, and my stuff from Memphis to college in St. Louis. We wound up taking Dad’s VW because one of the Polyglas tires had thrown it’s tread (at about 10K miles and immediate replacement was not available. (The VW was much more fun to drive).

    A year later the folks had moved to New Haven. I drove the Chrysler one day with the Goodyears and Dad had it shod with Michelin X the next day. The difference in handling was amazing and frightening at times. I found my self making lane changes and corners twice as quickly.

    I only tried bias ply tires once after that, I had a Fiat that I wanted to autocross. I put a set of fat bias ply tires on it and while they were OK on dry pavement, on wet pavement they slid me off the road.

    Years later, I tried a set of Goodyear radials on my Mitsubishi; replacing the factory Bridgestones. The Bridgestones weren’t happy in Seattle’s rain, but I neve pushed them. The Goodyears felt incredibly numb.

    My 2019 Subaru Legacy came with Goodyears. I drove them for about 4000 miles and pulled them for a set of Continentals. Big improvement.

    I’ve always had respect and admiration for Richard Petty – driving 200mph on Goodyear tires and drum brakes. Incredibly brave or crazy.


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