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    How To Contact Kelly Siegler?

    How To Contact Kelly Siegler? KELLY SIEGLER 1200 Binz, Suite 1300 Houston, Texas, 77004 Tel: 713.526.8247 Fax: 713.526.8248 Is Kelly Siegler still on Cold Justice? The true crime field has gotten a lot more crowded since 2012, but there’s still no one like Kelly Siegler. Cold Justice airs Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. on Oxygen. The series’ 100th episode will air in October 2022. How many Cold Justice cases have been solved? By working alongside local law enforcement, the Cold Justice team’s efforts have resulted in more than 20 convictions and more than 50 arrests. What is the hardest crime to solve? Murders are the most serious of crimes and,…